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DBBalance Embeds DataDirect Technologies' ODBC Database Drivers for Superior Performance and Reliability

Jan 14, 2008
DBBalance Embeds DataDirect Technologies' ODBC Database Drivers for Superior Performance and Reliability

DBBalance Customers Find Immediate Benefits from Proven, First-Rate Data Connectivity to Commonly Used Databases

BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 14, 2008--DataDirect Technologies, the unparalleled leader in data connectivity and mainframe integration and an operating company of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), today announced its DataDirect Connect® for ODBC database drivers have been embedded into version 6.0 of the DBBalance Cross-Database product suite of database comparison, synchronization, migration and conversion offerings. The agreement provides DBBalance users with reliable, high-performance database connectivity to all major databases and platforms.

The DBBalance Cross-Database products allow companies to establish global, standardized, business practices to execute data-flow synchronization, data and database objects migration and analysis across diverse database systems and IT infrastructures. DBBalance touts its products as flexible and easy to deploy in heterogeneous environments.

DBBalance faced an unexpected challenge when users reported problems connecting to relational databases. While drivers are ordinarily included in commercial databases specifically to allow connection by third-party products, DBBalance customers required technical assistance in identifying the drivers they had or drivers needed. Moreover, some users complained of poor performance from native drivers or that versioning issues with the drivers prevented the DBBalance technology from taking advantage of all the features offered by the database vendor.

"We develop and sell a highly intuitive, out-of-the-box product so when customers reported technical difficulties it threatened our core value proposition - seamless and intuitive database access in a diverse database environment," said Ina Frid, Director of Marketing for DBBalance. "By partnering with DataDirect Technologies, we have strengthened our product offering and made it easier for our customers by providing them with reliable, best-in-class data access."

DataDirect Connect for ODBC is a comprehensive suite of ODBC drivers for all major databases - Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and Informix. Using a unique wire protocol design, DataDirect Connect for ODBC drivers eliminate the need for database client-library software. By removing the client layer, time consuming and complicated deployment issues related to installing and maintaining different versions of the client software for different databases, database versions and operating systems are eliminated. Only one DataDirect driver is needed to support multiple database versions. DataDirect Connect for ODBC consistently supports the latest implementation of the ODBC specification and offers advanced functionality across all major databases including operating system authentication via Kerberos, SSL data encryption, connection failover, client-side load balancing and extensive Unicode support.

"DataDirect Connect for ODBC drivers are the most widely used third-party ODBC drivers on the market," said John Goodson, vice president and general manager, DataDirect Technologies. "DBBalance joins more than 300 independent software vendors (ISVs) who use the DataDirect Connect family of drivers to boost product performance and help customers realize advanced functionality out-of-the-box."

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