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Progress Application Server for OpenEdge Advances Business Critical Apps with Security, Extensibility and Cloud-Ready Capabilities

May 31, 2018   

Designed for scalability and extensibility, latest release facilitates the evolution of business applications while minimizing resources and limiting security vulnerabilities

BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 31, 2018-- Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and deployment technologies, today announced the latest advancements now available in the Progress® Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge®, the highly scalable, performant and secure application server, designed for cloud-first deployments. PAS for OpenEdge server helps developers evolve complex mission-critical business applications in less time, while limiting security vulnerabilities and easing installation, configuration and management.

Built on the widely-adopted Apache Tomcat, PAS for OpenEdge server is a scalable, secure and standards-based application server that facilitates the modernization of legacy applications and increases its extensibility to deliver improved digital experiences and cloud and mobile-first deployment. It allows application developers to extend APIs and easily leverage the existing OpenEdge Advanced Business Language (ABL) codebase to provide new functionality, technology and user experiences. Businesses in need of scale will find that it requires fewer resources to update and less application to code, ultimately increasing developer productivity and time to market.

“The Progress Application Server for OpenEdge solution is important to our application because it allows us to consolidate our business logic into one location creating a highly maintainable code base,” said Jeffrey Brown, Senior Principal Architect, Infor. “As a software architect, I’m challenged by how quickly we can take new technology from idea or prototype to the actual product. With the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge solution, we were able to do it in days or weeks, rather than months.”

Key benefits of PAS for OpenEdge server include:

  • Simplicity: Built on the Apache Tomcat web server framework, PAS for OpenEdge server is installed, configured and monitored as a web server that supports easy to create HTML-based frontends for users of OpenEdge applications.
  • Security: With Spring Security Framework included, PAS for OpenEdge server was designed on the latest standards for secure operation, ensuring trusted identity management by hardening the overall security of the OpenEdge application environment. The Spring Security Framework is also available in OpenEdge 11.7 and is the foundation for the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway.
  • Cloud-Ready: Provides a scalable, cloud-ready server to optimize operations and reduce management costs. PAS for OpenEdge server also unifies all Progress OpenEdge solution offerings into a single application server technology, providing customers with a familiar programming model, increased communications, simple and consistent installations and easier management of the application lifecycle.
  • ABL Development and Deployment: Specifically tailored to support ABL application development and deployment environments, PAS for OpenEdge server is designed to use significantly fewer system resources than the original OpenEdge AppServer, in turn enhancing scalability and performance of business applications.

“Progress technology, including the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge solution, has given us the power to grow alongside our enterprise customers. It allows us to evolve the application over time to keep up with new trends,” said Morten Janum, CIO, Mark Information.

“The trend from monolithic to services-based architectures, as well as continuous delivery deployment models, require flexibility and reliability like never before. Users expect applications to always be up-to-date with the latest functionality, requiring no downtime, yet remaining secure and compliant at all times,” said John Ainsworth, Senior Vice President, Core Products, Progress. “Progress Application Server for OpenEdge brings developers the extensibility and scalability required for today’s business environment by providing the cloud-ready services needed to optimize operations and reduce management costs in a secure and reliable environment.”

The enhanced Progress Application Server for OpenEdge solution is now available in Progress OpenEdge 11.7.3. To test ride OpenEdge 11.7.3 application for 60 days, or to learn more, please visit

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