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Progress Telerik is First to Market Again in .NET Components, with 40+ Blazor Components and .NET 5 Support in Latest Release

May 19, 2020   

.NET leader brings to market support for .NET 5 Preview, Blazor WebAssembly and 40+ Blazor-native components

BEDFORD, Mass., May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies, today announced the R2 2020 release of its leading lineup of developer tools including Progress® Telerik® and Progress® Kendo UI®. With this release, Progress now offers over 40 native components for Progress® Telerik® UI for Blazor, including WebAssembly compatibility, and more. In addition, Progress is the first to deliver support for Microsoft’s preview of .NET 5 – what it calls, “the future of .NET.”

Progress Telerik UI for Blazor
As the first set of native development tools available to support Microsoft Blazor, Progress Telerik UI for Blazor dramatically decreases the amount of time and effort required for developers to get new apps up and running with Blazor. With today’s release, the Telerik UI for Blazor development tool is now equipped with more than 40 production-ready native components made up of the most requested components across the Telerik portfolio, including Upload, ListView, MultiSelect, DateRangePicker, Drawer, Pager, Tooltip, CheckBox, and more.

Telerik UI for Blazor is also compatible with the latest release of Blazor WebAssembly, one of the newest technologies available to web developers with promising new features for performance and expanding the boundaries of web languages. In addition to the new components, Telerik UI for Blazor also includes Scheduler improvements, new Grid features such as column virtualization, autogenerated columns, and support for nested models.

“Blazor is taking off as the newest .NET web framework in enterprises of all sizes, and we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive suite of native UI components for Blazor available,” said Loren Jarrett, GM, Developer Tools, Progress. “We are committed to continually raising the bar for innovation and quality to enable .NET and JavaScript developers to deliver more than expected. This release continues our delivery on that commitment.”

Support for .NET 5 Preview
According to Microsoft, “The .NET 5 project is an important and exciting new direction for .NET. You will see .NET become simpler but also have broader and more expansive capability and utility. All new development and feature capabilities will be part of .NET 5, including new C# versions.”

Progress has a long-standing tradition of delivering zero-day support for any and all new .NET advancements. With the release of .NET 5 Preview and unification of the .NET ecosystem, Progress continues this tradition by offering support for.NET 5 Preview and a commitment to provide zero-day support for the full release of the product later this year. Telerik desktop and web components, as well as runtime in Telerik Reporting, will be compatible with .NET 5 Preview.

Progress Telerik
In addition to Telerik UI for Blazor and .NET 5 Preview support, Progress also released other enhancements and new components for .NET web, mobile and desktop development across frameworks, including:

  • Telerik® UI for ASP.NET Core and Telerik® UI for ASP.NET MVC: new Form, Stepper and TileLayout components, new rendering for DataTimePicker and TimePicker, enhancements to Scheduler and Grid Grouping, and support for NET 5 Preview.
  • Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX: new PDF Viewer and Timeline components, as well as Spreadsheet improvements. 
  • Telerik® UI for WPF: support for.NET 5 Preview, new Callout and Notify Icon components, as well as enhancements to Navigation View, TreeView, PropertyGrid, ScheduleVew and TimeSpanPicker. In addition, it introduces support for.NET 5 Preview and the .NET Core Converter enables converting WPF projects to .NET Core.
  • Telerik® UI for WinForms: new Validation provider component and improvements to ChartView and BrowseEditor. In addition, it introduces support for.NET 5 Preview and support for Vector images in all controls, and the .NET Core Converter enables converting WinForms projects to .NET Core.
  • Telerik® UI for Xamarin: new DatePicker, TimePicker and TimeSpanPicker components, sticky group headers for ListView, and improvements to Calendar.
  • Telerik® Reporting and Telerik® Report Server: full-functional Web Report Designer, runtime supports .NET 5 Preview, new barcode symbologies, ability to freeze Table/Band Header in Web-based report viewers, and improvements to Blazor report viewer.
  • Telerik® JustMock: implements Visual Studio window for visualizing mocked objects during debug and improved loading time of JustMock Visual Studio extension.
  • Telerik® Test Studio® Dev Edition: Web components support ensures seamless and stable test automation.

Microsoft is working on a new version of WinUI 3.0, which will bring many more possibilities for desktop developers. For ongoing details about Progress’ plans for WinUI, subscribe here.

Progress Kendo UI
For developers focused on building with Angular, React, jQuery and Vue, Progress has released a series of new and updated components as well, adding new controls and new productivity enhancements:

  • Kendo UI® for Angular: new Stepper, External Drop Zone, Pager, Label and TreeList components, new Design Guidelines for building Forms in Angular, enhanced conversational UI, enhancements to TreeView and Conversational UI, as well as improvements to Grid.
  • KendoReact: 12 new components – ListView, Progress Bar, Chunk Progress Bar, Stepper, Label, Floating Label, Hint and Error, Radio Button, Radio Group, Range Slider, FormElement and FieldWrapper – as well as improvements to TreeList, Grid, Form, Drawer and Scheduler. In addition, new Design Guidelines make building beautiful forms easier for React developers.  
  • Kendo UI® for jQuery: new Form, Stepper and TileLayout components as well as enhancements for DataSource, Validator, Inputs and Scheduler. There are also new rendering options for DateTimePicker and TimePicker.
  • Kendo UI® for Vue: new Native Calendar, Native DateInput, and Native DatePicker components, continued support for Vue 3.0, and improvements to Native Grid.

The R2 2020 release is available today. To learn more about the new capabilities and features go to or register for the Telerik R2 and Kendo UI R2 release webinars.

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